Important Questions Answered

Why should you rent? 

You’ve spent a lifetime building your nest egg. It should stay under your control. Instead of turning over a big chunk of your assets to stagnate as a ‘refundable’ entrance fee, your investments can continue to grow. Renting guarantees you a role in decision-making; from influencing which activities are offered to choices on the dining menu.

What costs are not included in the monthly rent? 

Your cable TV and landline telephone are not included. There is free WiFi® available in the community. If and when residents need care services, additional fees apply according to a detailed assessment. There are care service packages available or you may choose to arrange for care on an hourly basis. You may bring in your own care providers or use ours. 

What health care services are provided?

You can say good-bye to waiting rooms and take an elevator to your doctors’ appointments! We have an extensive array of providers. You can choose to use any of them or continue to use your current providers. In addition to primary care, specialists are available in podiatry, physical and occupational therapy and rehabilitation, imaging, laboratory, and other diagnostic services are also available. Health care provider’s fees continue to be covered as they usually would be by your insurance company. 

Do you have on-site amenities such as a beauty salon, activities center, or private events room?

Yes! We have a salon. Activities are scheduled in our many community rooms. Residents who wish to host private parties may reserve the private dining room for no additional fee – provide your own catering or order from our special menu.

Are pets welcome? 

Of course!

Have More Questions?

By all means, make use of these decision-making tools, but then book a tour appointment, or come to one of our Sunday open houses, 2:00-4:00, every week. Call (267)460-8100 or contact us.