How To Avoid The Holiday Blues

The holiday season conjures up nostalgia for many people. Happy memories from childhood, holidays spent with beloved friends, holidays shared with family...All of these can be pleasant memories, but sometimes feelings of sadness can also creep in, especially for those who have lost spouses or partners or those with family members who live far away. In these situations, being part of a supportive community can be tremendously helpful.

Acknowledge Feelings

It’s not unusual for seniors to feel lonely from time to time. Relatives may get busy with work, children or other responsibilities and not visit quite as often. Family members may relocate for a job or for economic reasons. In some cases, seniors may find they have outlived many of their closest friends. Feelings of loneliness can escalate during the nostalgic holiday season. Staying engaged with others and creating new memories is a helpful strategy, but it is also important to acknowledge how you are feeling and even share those feelings with a friend.

Give Back

“Giving is receiving”, as the saying goes. There’s a reason why this adage holds true during the holidays. If you’re feeling a little low, volunteering some of your time or giving back to those in need can help boost your spirits. You don’t need to coordinate a huge event or drive, even making time to knit hats for a shelter, read aloud to someone, or calling a friend who isn’t feeling well can bring joy and cheer to the recipients as well as to yourself.

Reach Out

One of the best ways to beat the blues is simply to spend time with others. Get in touch with someone you miss or haven’t seen in a while, have coffee with an acquaintance, exchange letters with a niece or nephew, set up a video call with your grandkids, visit a lonely neighbor or call someone you haven’t checked in with for a while. Just letting people know you’re thinking of them is a great way to send cheer.

Plan New Holiday Traditions 

Creating new holiday traditions can be a way to reinvigorate your enthusiasm for the holiday season. Consider attending a holiday concert, a tree lighting ceremony or host a make-your-own gift exchange with a group of friends. Investigate event listings for local houses of worship, libraries and community centers. In addition to creating new holiday memories, you may form new connections as well.

Explore The Benefits of Community 

Being part of a dynamic senior living community provides residents with ample opportunities to partake in new activities and build connections. Joyous sing-alongs, festive parties and delicious seasonal meals can all become part of a new set of holiday traditions. At Kyffin Grove, our supportive living community provides residents with a dynamic events, enriching classes, wellness programs and camaraderie year-round, but especially during the holiday season. Contact us to schedule a tour and to learn more.