Handwriting And Your Health

To assess the state of your health, you may need to look no further than your own signature. Handwriting is often an unexpected key in identifying greater health issues. From simple fatigue to depression or even Alzheimer’s, analyzing penmanship - your own or that of a loved one -  can be useful to identify potential conditions that should be investigated further by a medical professional. Here’s a look at handwriting and health. 

Art and Science 
Penmanship is really part art and part science. The content of what is written is generated by the conscious mind and can be considered an artistic or creative expression. However, the manner in which the letters are formed on the paper is all science. To form letters, nerve impulses from the brain communicate directly with the hands and fingers. People who study the art of handwriting - called graphologists - can often identify issues with a person’s brain or their emotional well-being just by looking at patterns in their writing. 

What to Look For 
Each person’s handwriting is somewhat unique. What’s important to look for though, are changes in a person’s handwriting as these may indicate underlying issues. Below are a list of items to look for.

  • Handwriting that appears to be tremulous or shaky. 
  • Unusually high or low-pressure writing. 
  • Letters that are changed or altered. 
  • Any sudden changes in handwriting. 
  • Letters that are abnormally small or large. 
  • Varying slants in handwriting throughout a passage. 
  • Extreme downhill or uphill writing. 
  • Overly large loops. 

Penmanship and Health Conditions 
Changes in handwriting can indicate a number of underlying health conditions. Here are a few:

  • Depression. Words that slope severely downward or crossing through one’s own signature may be an indicator of depression.
  • High Blood Pressure. Writing that varies in the boldness of the letters - with some appearing very faint and others very dark - is likely the result of different pressure applied to the pen or pencil. This may be an indicator of hypertension, also called high blood pressure, which is a serious condition that should be checked out by a medical professional.
  • Parkinson’s Disease. Previously steady handwriting that has become shaky and uncontrolled can point to Parkinson’s Disease or other ailments that affect the nervous system and result in tremors.
  • Alzheimer’s Disease or other forms of Dementia. Handwriting tends to deteriorate along with mental facilities. Irregularly shaped letters or handwriting that trails off may be an indicator of some form of dementia.

Getting The Right Support  
Any changes with your own handwriting, or that of a loved one, should be evaluated by a medical professional. As a SageLife community, Kyffin Grove takes a holistic approach to care, offering as much assistance with daily tasks as is needed and also managing chronic conditions. Kyffin Grove’s customized wellness programs are designed around the individual comfort, needs and well being of our residents. To learn more about Kyffin Grove, schedule a tour today.

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