Our Winged Guests Have Officially Moved In!

It’s pretty common to welcome new residents to Kyffin Grove, but it’s not every day that those moving in have wings.

Kyffin Grove is playing host to new Ladybug and Caterpillar larvae as the Spring approaches. This new initiative is a fun way to help kickstart gardening as the weather begins to warm up.

The insects will be released into our new gardens at our Earth Day Celebration on Sunday, April 22. Not only will it be fun to watch the insects grow, but they’ll be a vital part of our new ecosystem. 

“We have a beautiful garden at Kyffin Grove,” said Executive Director Dee Jones. “The ladybugs will help to control the insects that can damage our garden and the butterflies will help us pollinate the plants.”

The ladybugs will take about 10 days to fully mature, while the caterpillar larvae will take about three weeks to become beautiful butterflies. During this time residents will nurture the critters and monitor their progress

“We’ll feed them, give them water, and make sure they are protected from direct sunlight,” said Life Enrichment Director, Michael Mendel, "But other than that, we plan to just enjoy watching them grow.”

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